Qui-suis-je ? Présentation du site.(French version)
Tank : English version by Mary.

About me...
1 349 923 visitors since 1996 (07/01/06)

This site is the fruit of the work of Patrick Pochon,
gardener at Anet since 1989.
I’m a Norman, born in Beaumont le Roger (in Eure)
on 1st March 1958.

I’ve been working since the age of 16
and consequently don’t have a great deal of culture.
I’ve had a passion for photography since childhood.

I’m also Vice-President of a Computer Initiation Association,
Network Administrator (managing the computers
of the Association Micro Val Eure at Croth (27),
computer trainer since 1997 (introduction to Internet,
Front Page and Paint Shop Pro
and webmaster (creator and administrator) of this site.

The number of visitors, and pages consulted
on this site, is in exponential growth.
Thanks to the publicity that you make for it, a minimum
of 3 736 333 pages on this site will be consulted since 1996.

Thank you, for having spent some of your time visiting this site
 which has existed since 1996 and on which I’ve worked several hundred, maybe thousands of hours.
" When one loves, one doesn’t count ".

For pleasure.

Internet is for a lot of people, a source of incomparable knowledge.

To receive it, one has to give, and this is the aim of making these pages available.

It isn’t megalomania, nor to found a " start-up " - simply to share.

The self-taught person that I am, knows the value of sharing knowledge
and I can only thank all those people who helped me to become the person that I am.

Presentation of the site.

Living and working for several years in the marvelous environment of the Château d’Anet,
I wanted to present it to you.

Being a gardener, (I fell into it when I was small)
I will present to you the basics of the good amateur gardener.(French)

A few tourist links (French), complete the pages as well as a recipe : " Granny Alice’s white bread " (French)
and 800 wallpapers savers but only for personal usage. For any other use, please contact the owners or their representatives.

I hope that you will be able to make the most of these Web pages and that this passion for my work
and for computing will allow us to spend a pleasant moment together.

Happy surfing !

Thank you Jacques.

You may be surprised by computer links on a personal site created by a gardener.

I had the chance to have met, some years ago, an exceptional man, President of an Association
(Micro Val Eure in Croth), Jacques Boivin, computer engineer.

This man, thanks to his goodness, sense of sharing and his intelligence,
enabled me to perfect my knowledge of computers.

I wish all of you, one day in your life, the pleasure of meeting someone who can bring you so much.

He left us, a short time ago, and this is a a source of great sadness for me.

Thank you Jacques.

Association Micro-Informatique de la Vallée de l'Eure

Micro Val Eure uses a meeting room in the Association House in Croth (Eure) and exists since 1984.
Open to adults only, the " club " as we call it, enables any person wanting to discover the " PC ",
and to be trained on it, to perfect and to discover the multiple facets of the computing world.


My thanks to the owners of the Château d’Anet for their authorization.

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You like! Please send me a post-card to

:Patrick Pochon
2, place du château
28260 Anet (France)

Tank you ....

Patrick Pochon, Anet. France.
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